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Preview of Whitney Young Documentary Film


I think I mentioned sometime last Fall that a documentary film was being made about Whitney Young and the selective enrollment high school process.  I’m very excited to present to you…. a preview!

This was incredibly fascinating for me to watch.  In the 6 minute preview, I think it encapsulates so many of the things we discuss on here – the competitive, the open house, the principal!, the speculation about the kinds of kids who get some of these top spots, the “narrow margin of error” on the test scores (I am quoting a 6th grader from the clip.)

As a parent of a now-5th grader, I’ve been hearing about the SEHS tours (and the WY tour) for years and this was my first real glimpse at it.

There is some interesting history on the school as well.  (They are still looking for old video clips from the school if anyone knows someone who attended and might have some footage.)   It’s really all very thought-provoking.

This is still being developed into a feature length documentary scheduled to be released in 2015.

I asked the producer what the big “story arc” about WY and SEHS was going to be and she said “One of the reasons we are making this documentary is to help promote and shape a national discussion on public education.”

Anyhow, take a look and share your thoughts.

Couple caveats:

If you recognize any of the young kids who are applying this year, please don’t post a “spoiler” about whether they got into the school or not. That will be part of the drama of the final film.  Also, at least one of the kids featured is a reader of this blog, just as an FYI.



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