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Elementary School Rankings

Every year the Sun Times does a handy ranking of the test scores that were just released by CPS for the previous school year.  Here’s the most recent link.  I like this way of ranking them because it takes an actual average instead of the % of kids who meet the minimum requirements.,chicago-elementary-schools-rank-1009.article

There are a few schools at the top of the list that don’t require testing in, meaning there is either something great going on there or there’s a group of parents who choose that school/neighborhood who place a strong value on education.   Or both. 

Oriole Park (neighborhood)
Lincoln (neighborhood)
Hawthorne (magnet via lottery)
Norwood Park (neighborhood)

If you click on the link, off to the left are some other rankings that are fun to look at.

North Side College Prep and Walter Payton are the top 2 scoring schools in the state (of course they require testing and grades to gain admission.)

Make a comment if you notice anything interesting.  Keep in mind the elementary scores represent grades 3 – 8.



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