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Little Rant about the Teachers’ Union

I’ve been meaning to post this story for a while and finally have time.  Just an interesting tidbit from the trenches.

My mom has worked for a few year substitute teaching in the CPS high schools.  She was always willing to go to even the worst schools so she was called quite often to teach.  I need to have her write a post about it.  It’s utterly depressing the lack of skills these kids have (OK, I’m officially old to be calling teens “kids.”)  She often comments half-jokingly that my 6yo son can write better sentences than half the kids she sees.   I think even worse is the random smart kid who is out of his element but has no other options.  Many of the schools have daycare centers for the girls with babies (which most either have or are pregnant.)  Subbing is a pretty easy gig because most of the teachers don’t leave actual lessons, but just instruct the sub to have them read or work on something independantly.

So for a couple years, my mom would call in each night and get an assignment in the morning.  I think one year her daily rate was $120 (that’s 6 hours) and then went up to $150 which is a pretty good set-up.

So this year, September comes and she calls each night.  Nothing.  And more nothing.  It wasn’t until December that she finally got a call (in the thick of illness season.)  After getting her paycheck for that day, she’s found out that her daily rate has gone up to $250, due to Union rules.

So if I’m a principal and I can choose between a $120/day teacher or a $250/day teacher (or even $90 which is what I think the new ones start at) who do you think I’ll pick?   So the work has totally dried up.  My mom has continued not to be called again this year and would be perfectly willing to work for the $150 again and actually WORK rather than get nothing.  But Union rules is Union rules people.  The Union really thought that by installing hefty raises each year that those teachers would still get work?  It’s just one of those things that doesn’t make sense to me.

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