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South Loop RGC Update – New RGC Opening?

Someone in the South Loop Elementary community passed this note on to me that seems to explain that a new RGC will open within 5 miles of South Loop.  It’s unclear what grades it will have initially or where it might be located, although it seems like it WILL be an option on the form this Fall.    It appears that current SL RGC kids will stay in the present building, but the program will be phased out there, but WILL fill empty seats each year.  FYI, Coonley has reached capacity this year and pending a decision about an expansion (funded by TIF money allocated by Alderman Pawar) is loosing some classroom space that is currently allotted to “extras” (ie computer lab, science lab) to make space for more classrooms.

Regarding the Phase Out of South Loop Elementary’s Regional Gifted Center

Dear Parent/Guardian:
In April, officials from Chicago Public Schools’ (CPS) Portfolio Office held a meeting to discuss plans to gradually phase out South Loop Elementary School’s Regional Gifted Center (RGC) to relieve the school’s overcrowding issue. This letter contains the substance of what was discussed at that meeting as well as responses to several other requests for information made by South Loop Elementary parents.
CPS is currently in the process of identifying a school within five miles of South Loop Elementary where the new RGC will be phased in beginning in the 2013-2014 school year. We remain committed to selecting the phase-in school by this fall to ensure that the new RGC will be featured on the Selective Enrollment Elementary School (SEES) application.

Current South Loop RGC students will be able to continue their elementary school education career at South Loop. New transfer students also will be allowed to backfill existing RGC seats at South Loop.
 At this time, we are still working with South Loop school leadership to determine if it is feasible to allow out-of-boundary siblings of RGC students to transfer in provided that there is room to accommodate them. We will promptly alert parents/guardians and the school community once a decision has been made regarding this issue.
Although we have made the difficult decision to phase out South Loop’s RGC, the District remains committed to providing the resources needed to support its students and the success of the program during this transition period. We also remain committed to working collaboratively with parents/guardians to ensure that your voices are heard as we continue to finalize details.

Oliver Sicat
Chief Portfolio Officer – Chicago Public Schools

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