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Rahm’s Education Advisory Team

I read a blurb from Rahm that was something like “people, fixing these schools is not going to f-ing happen overnight, so be patient.”    OK, that might have been biased by my obsessive following of the fake Twitter Rahm, but he did imply it and I have to respect him for that.  At least he speaks the truth (easier to do once you’re voted in, I imagine.)

I just ran across this list of his advisors in Crains Chicago Business.  I haven’t really heard of any of them and I do wonder how he decided which CPS principals to include.  Man, a lot of different types of schools in that mix, so it seems.  I would love to be a fly on the wall as they try to solve an incredibly challenging problem  on an incredibly small budget.

The 17 members of his government and budget team and the 14 members of his education team are all community, business or non-profit leaders. The teams will make recommendations to Mr. Emanuel on how to improve Chicago’s financial standing and its schools.

Ellen Alberding, President of the Joyce Foundation.

Rev. Byron Brazier of the Apostolic Church of God.

Don Feinstein, Executive Director, Academy for Urban School Leadership.

Sharrod Gordon of the Target Area Development Corp.

Zipporah Hightower, Principal of Bethune School of Excellence.

Liz Kirby, Principal, Kenwood Academy High School.

Tim Knowles, Director, University of Chicago Urban Education Institute.

Mike Milkie, Superintendent and CEO, Noble Street Charter School.

Natalie Neris-Guereca, teacher, Dr. Jorge Prieto Elementary School.

John Price, Principal, John J. Audubon Elementary School.

Diana Rauner, President, Ounce of Prevention Fund.

Celena Roldan, Executive Director, Erie Neighborhood House.

Monica Sims, teacher, John J. Pershing West Middle School.

Elizabeth Swanson, Executive Director, Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation.

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