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Principal Selection

Thanks to a reader who suggested posting about the current principal selections.  If you have any scoop or updates, please post it here.
It was suggested that some of the candidates are interviewing at multiple schools, which could make things interesting.

Lane Tech High School selected the current AP (a former Lane student and teacher!) to take over the principal-ship.  It’s unclear whether the seriously considered other candidates for the search.  I’m also curious to see if any schools DON’T hire an AP for the principal spots.

Amundsen High School (at Foster and Damen) is considering the current AP (who founded the IB program there) along with 2 other candidates.  There will be a public forum on Tuesday June 5th at 6pm.

Burley and Jahn are also searching according to this article.

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Cell Phone Antenna – the Tribe Has Spoken

The LSC on which I serve (as a community member for the neighborhood school) voted unanimously not to move forward with the cell phone antenna.  While the discussion took up a lengthy bit of time during the meeting, the best thing to come out of a controversial decision is that everyone in the group finally spoke up and expressed an opinion.  Would have been much more interesting had people been split in their opinions, but nonetheless it was good to see people engaged.  So much of what the LSC deals with is a bit mundane so this added a small level of excitement.

The school principal made a good point about people who seek out other schools (magnet, gifted (that would be me, heh hehe) but don’t bother to ask about the cell phone situation at those schools.  And its true… people are largely unaware of the issue.   It does make me wonder which other north side school have the antennas (and whether the school’s parents even know about it.)

Well, in 20 years if we find out that the antennas are totally harmless I’ll feel like a chump for passing up all that money.  But for now, nobody will have to worry about being right under the antenna for days, years, or possibly even a couple decades on end.

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Cell Phone Tower Trauma

Watching the cell phone tower offer unfold at the our neighborhood school (where I am on the LSC) has been interesting, to say the least.  The LSC decided to solicit opinions from the school population via several methods: email, a mailbox in the school, and a group message board.  In all, 22 families made their opinion known on the matter, only one of which was in favor of erecting the antennas in exchange for upwards of $72K per year.   So what does that mean about the remaining 260 or so families that didn’t express an opinion?  They don’t give a rip?  They forgot to write in?  They figured that other people were posting negative comments so they didn’t need to?  It’s hard to interpret.   How does an LSC take the votes into account?  And assuming the majority doesn’t care, do you nix the tower because of a small but vocal group?   And for that matter, should the LSC even be polling the school on issues when they were elected to represent that school?

It has also been interesting to see the level of concern over the antennas.  There is no proof that they cause any harm, nor is there any proof that they don’t.  Basically, the things are untested over time, much like many things we encounter in life.  It makes me wonder if parents in the 1950’s worried about TV’s emitting dangerous waves.  Come to think of it, has long term TV exposure actually ever been tested?   I suppose it’s safe or I would be a mutant by now based solely on my rate of watching Scooby Doo during the 70’s.

In any case, one of the most compelling arguments I have heard so far against the tower comes from a teacher who’s classroom would likely be located directly under the antenna.   Despite any hardcore evidence, I can’t say that I’d personally feel comfortable having an antenna sitting over my head day after day for what could be years (CPS teachers need to be in service for something like 34 years to get their pension.)  If she or one of the kids in the school got seriously ill in the next decade I don’t think I’d want to always be wondering if that cell antenna that we voted for had been related in any way.

Many of the parents who are opposed to the antennas follow up their opinion with the comment, “there are other ways to raise the money.”   Now that is the million dollar question (or $72K question in this case.)  WHAT exactly are those other ways?

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