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Lindblom Selective Enrollment HS and Academic Center

I’d like to start highlighting some of the high school options in the city in more detail with the goal of exploring the choices and hopefully opening people’s minds a bit more.  In my usual fashion, I still haven’t written about my visit to Lake View High School a few weeks ago, mainly because I had so many positive things to say that I wanted to get my thoughts organized.

But since Lindblom (SE high school and AC) was noted for their strong rise in the Sun Times’ new High School ranking AND because the principal is a reader and poster here, I figured they’re a good candidate to go first.

For the SE schools, I’m not going to get into the nuances of test scores.  It’s selective.  Is there coursework that will challenge your child? Yes.

Here is some info on the school (frequent readers will have seen this already.)

Lindblom Math & Science Academy
6130 S. Wolcott Avenue

Grades 7-12
724 students
Track E school (they go more year-round rather than 3 months off in summer)
Shuttle service is provided from the nearby El lines.  AC has busing within the typical CPS boundaries.

High School Open House 11am-1pm Saturday Nov 5
Academic Center Open House 2-4pm Saturday Nov 5

In the 2011 Sun Times’ top 50 high schools ranking Lindblom shot up to #39 from #114.

Principal’s Message from the school web site:
Welcome to Lindblom Math & Science Academy, the most exciting learning community in Chicago!

Lindblom is a unique place. We like to call Lindblom a new school with a rich history. For years, Lindblom was a jewel on the south side of Chicago, turning out Chicago’s top graduates. It fell on hard times in the 90’s and went through a series of changes. In 2003, the Chicago Board of Education decided to close LIndblom and invest heavily in infrastructure. In 2005, I was given the opportunity to reopen Lindblom, hiring outstanding faculty and initiating new and exciting programs.

We boast some incredible programs and partnerships: We have the largest Arabic and Chinese language programs in Chicago. We offer the only biotechnology classes in CPS because of our powerful relationship with Baxter International. Our arts program has a four-year partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art that has our students working with Genius Award Winner Mark Bradford.

We have the most engaged and supportive alumni of any school I know. Our annual career day has had over 60 alumni returning to share their stories of high school and life after with our current Eagles. It is always a powerful day.

Lindblom is a great school for many reasons; these are just a few. I hope you will come by and see what Lindblom has to offer!

Go Eagles!

Alan Mather, Principal

Parent Review:

“I would definitely +1 Lindblom here (our daughter is in the AC program.) Great experience so far. Very strong academics coupled with an inclusive culture. (As a little, white Hyde Park-er, her fit socially was our first concern, but she has found real friendships with kids from a variety of backgrounds that I suspect she wouldn’t have found in many other schools.)

ps-Also a huge fan of Alan.”

Note from the principal, Alan Mather that he wrote on CPSObsessed:

Our support colloquia work this way: If a student has a grade lower than a C in any course, s/he is place in content area colloquia classes with the teachers they have. This gives the student extra time with the teacher in an area s/he may be struggling in.

For example, a student has a D in Arabic, a C in English, and a series of Bs. The students will definitely be placed in the Arabic colloquium with his/her teacher to get the extra help to be successful. Since each student is given three colloquium classes, s/he will also be placed in two other content area classes. Ideally, the placement would be in English and another course.

In the course where the student in more successful, s/he may be able to assist others, bringing other students up.

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