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Keller Regional Gifted Center news

Something is going on with Keller Regional Gifted Center.  Thanks to several people who have sent in information.  I’ll start with this post.  Feel free to add to the comments section.  I have a work deadline and a sick kid (allegedly sick) to contend with during the day, but I’ll try to add the other comments I’ve gotten later tonight.

Have you heard about what is going on w/ Keller Regional Gifted Center? CPS has announced the forced relocation of CPS top producing gifted school Annie Keller from the Mt. Greenwood Community. This announcement was made without any parent involvement and consent.

Here are links to two groups formed on Facebook about it:


Here is the Sun Times coverage of the story.
So it appears that 2 nearby neighborhood schools are overcrowded and have set their sights on the Keller building.  Man, that stinks.  And as a commentrer pointed out, the same thing happened with Edison last year.  Parents screamed bloody murder (sorry, that sounds cynical, I know) but CPS wouldn’t cave and the schools was moved pretty far from its original location.  From what I hear, it has actually worked out OK (although that is coming from a parent who prefers the new location.)

In a financially ailing school system, from a fully tactical POV, it makes sense to ease over-crowding the cheapest way possible (I see people on facebook suggesting trailers/annexes/etc at the overcrowded schools.)

If CPS made any kind of respectable effort to provide resources for kids who work above grade level, parents probably wouldn’t be so freaked out about going into the neighborhood schools.  What if CPS actually worked with the schools in question to ensure that the bright kids at Keller could attend the local schools and still be challenged?  I’m sure there are other kids in those schools who could use an accelerated program as well.

Overall, it stinks for everyone.  The parents who scored a gifted spot until 8th grade feel screwed over.  The families who will be displaced from their current schools and moved to the Keller building if this happens will be mad about leaving.

My family experienced an over-crowding situation at the private pre-school our son attended and I know first-hand that it’s a sad, contentious, depressing, and frustrating situation.  Especially when you can see that the likely outcome isn’t a good one.

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