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Nettelhorst book launch party this Saturday

If you haven’t heard the news yet, there is a new book out about the turn-around of Nettelhorst school.  The story of this school is a bit folkloric among those of us who have been working on improving our neighborhood schools in the past several years.

Even a short 5 years ago, most north side public schools were considered a place where you would never send your child.  Nettelhorst was one that parents didn’t even notice or consider.  However a group of parents took a chance, walked in one day to talk to the principal and thus began an amazing and successful project:  The shift from an undesirable local school to a highly (and I mean HIGHLY) sought after elementary school with a gorgeous building, involved parents, community support and national recognition.

Above all else, this shift gave many other north side parents the incentive to do the same.  The methods devised by Nettelhorst were used by many other schools to “market” themselves to local parents and have helped create a community of thriving, growing schools.   (So all you parents of babies and toddlers need to buy a copy of the book as a “thank you” to the person/principal who started it all!)  I haven’t gotten over to Barbara’s Bookstore yet to buy the book, but I can’t wait to read it.  For anyone who’s witnessed the excitement of parents’ involvement in CPS in the past few years, it’ll be a great read.  To any parents who are trying to grow their neighborhood school, it’ll be an inspiration during those times you are ready to give up and move to the suburbs.

Here are the details of the launch.  Trust me, these people put on kick-ass events (and make sure to wear your flower power garb.)

How to Walk to School’s
Psychedelic Book Launch Party

With the fabulous Go-Go Revelettes &
A proclamation by Governor Pat Quinn

Saturday, September 26, 11am-12 pm
The Lakeview East Festival of the Arts
Aldine & Broadway
Face painting • treats • book signing • Flower Power attire highly encouraged

In case of rain, we’ll be dancing in Nettelhorst’s new auditorium.

Unabridged will be selling books with a special Nettelhorst cover designed by Nettelhorst students both at the launch party, and throughout the fest at the corner of Melrose and Broadway (by the kid’s activities). And get this: Unabridged Bookstore will be giving 50% of the profits of every book sold at the Fest and at their store to the Nettelhorst Community Group!

Enjoy a free Bambino Paciugo Gelato with every purchase! Hope to see you there!

For more information, check out

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