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Home schooling done right

I know most of us don’t have the fortitude to home school our kids.  I know I don’t.  But IF I did, this is how I’d like to do it.
I read this article last summer in the Tribune about a mom who had home schooled her child since age 5.  After reading the article I was left being very impressed with the mom who included things in her home school program such as  “enrichment classes and lots of travel (they learned about Buddhism in Tibet, philosophy in Greeceand Taoism with an abbot atop China’s holiest mountain).  Less exotic but equally important was immersion in Chicago’s rich arts scene.”  Now THAT is a cool way to educate a child.  It would take a lot of work to prepare school-work for a child all the way through high school.

The great achievement was that the girl had been accepted into Harvard, Yale,  Princeton, Northwestern, and Stanford.   Clearly impressive for any child, but especially a home-schooled one.  Apparently when you don’t have “real” grades it’s hard for colleges to assess your application.  In this case the mom prepared detailed course descriptions, transcripts from outside coursework, and recommendation letters from tutors.  I get tired just reading about THAT part of the effort!

I met the mom this past year at a conference for parents of gifted students and it was funny because when SHE presented the story it was based a lot more on her daughter’s abilities (she says she is profoundly gifted) and desire to learn outside a traditional classroom.  As I read the article again, it was clear that this was no ordinary child.  She’s done things from teaching Shakespeare to youngsters to studying the harp in Ireland.

Whoever the driver of this feat was, it’s clear that the parents did everything they could to let the child’s passions and desire to learn blossom.

Reading it again this week, it totally shames me.  I had intended to do a short learning time with my son every day this summer (and make him read something everyday – besides the Tivo listings.)  I think it’s happened 3 times this summer.  Maybe.

The whole article is here in the Chicago Tribune archives:

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