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Our Gifted Testing Experience – Part 2 (for 1st grade)

On a friend’s advice I called to see if I could reschedule my son’s 8am test time for the Gifted Test.  I decided to cancel the Classical test since I didn’t want to go down for the test 2 days in a row.  On they phone, they offered me a test time for the next day – slightly freaky, but why not?  I wasn’t planning to prepare my son in any way, so I just took the next-day option.  If I haven’t said it before, I wish the people who run the testing and the GEAP office people were running CPS.  In my experiences, they’ve all been incredibly nice, fairly accomadating, intelligent, and professional.  When you get into that time period where they’re doling out the gifted spots they are super-efficient (a word that rarely comes to mind when I think of CPS.)

So, test day — another snowy snowy day in our fine city.  I leave the house (in my usual late fashion) with the following:

  Comic books

  Book (Stink and the Super Stinky Sneakers)

  Nintendo DS (in case we wait a long time – don’t know why I thought that since I was running late)

  Headphones for Nintendo DS

  Bottle of water

  Tic Tacs


  Reading material for me

  Extra pants and shirt in case the ones he’s wearing get wet in snow

  Dollar bills for the parking lot, as instructed

What I leave the house without:

  Our admissions notification with the testing ID# and exact address.

  Exciting snack I promised my son in the car on the way to the test

I return home to get important document but am still lacking the snack.

Pick him up, usual dawdlings, starting to panic that we’ll be late, 4 blocks later he has to pee, pull into Lane Tech parking lot so he can pee in plastic bottle (thankful now that I don’t have a girl,) go to Wendy’s drive-thru adrenaline building so I miss highway exit, turn around, get on highway, freak out about traffic, continuously suck on Frosty straw getting continuously more angry that it is too thick to drink with straw, panic more.  Then something re-aligns in the universe, traffic opens up, Frosty comes up the straw, we hit 31st St. and breeze into test site early.  Whew.

This testing experience was different from that for Kindergarten placement in that a group of kids are all tested together.  We started in big lecture hall and the nice testing people explained what would happen, then 2 groups of 15 kids each were taken out.  The whole thing is easier because 5-year-olds are generally more sane than 4-year-olds.  I don’t think any child was having a major problem.   Off they marched, unaware of how their fate depended on this next hour.  

The test guy said the test would involve no reading, but each question would have pictures and the child would be asked to choose the picture that was the right answer.  Of course once again, the kids were all brainwashed and my son couldn’t seem to recall ANYTHING that was on the test a mere 10 minutes prior.  And he said it was fun and “awesome!”

The kids were in there for exactly an hour, then all marched out, seemingly a bit weary.  All in all, fairly painless.

UPDATE: Through conversational trickery, we got him to divulge a couple things about the test (pre 1st grade gifted test:)  The picture answers were all in black and white.  They had to fill in a circle below the correct answer.  One question was to choose the piece the completed a puzzle above.  The other was to choose which shape matched the 3 others above it.  He says there were no letter/numbers.  So take that for what it’s worth.

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