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Bureaucracy Rant – Gifted Classes

I have a series of CPS bureaucracy rants queued up in my head, so I’ll start with a short one:

I found out this school year, that if a child drops out of a gifted (and I assume classical) class during the school year, CPS doesn’t fill the spot.  Even if it happens during the first week of school when plenty of families would be eager to get that spot.

A boy in my son’s 1st grade class dropped out right at the beginning of school this year due to transportation issues (never attended, and I’m sure had notified the school.)  When I inquired about the spot being filled, I was told that CPS doesn’t do that.  So that one spot still sits empty.

In fact, this past week (7 weeks into school) the school added some bus routes so the family inquired about getting their son back in the class, but CPS (GEAP) said no.  Policy says no.

* Bureaucracy rant over.*

November 1, 2009 at 8:14 am 7 comments




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