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School Assignments – Still Being Worked Through

A parent gives this update. (btw, how do I get the job of Administrator of Student Selections?  That would be pretty cool, doling out those spots.)

Just a brief update. I just spoke with Crystal Vance (Administrator of Student Selections at CPS). She told me when I spoke with her back in March after the GEAP letters had been sent out that if I checked back with her later on in the process, after there had been more movement, that she might be able to give me a better idea/narrow it down as to my son’s rank/chances of getting into Lenart. Anyway, today she said that they are still in the midst of the selection process and if she could she would call me back later today or tomorrow. She didn’t indicate what she might or might not be able to tell at that point. I know this isn’t much info, but still thought I would share. 🙂

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