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Info from GEAP

Just to summarize some info I learned yesterday from a variety of sources:

GEAP reports that there were WAY more kids who took the gifted/classical tests this year than last year.  Approximately 8,000 were tested this year compared to under 6,000 last year.  That is a HUGE increase.  I would attribute it to the economy – perhaps parents of private school kids who want a CPS back-up?  GEAP also attributes it to the gifted/classical school fair they held this year.  I didn’t attend it, but they feel that it helped increase awareness of the whole process.

GEAP claims they change the test each year.  Not sure if I buy that or not.  It would be inefficient for the test-givers to administer a totally different test each year, right?  I think they just want to prevent parents from trying to prep their kids.  In any case, IF that were true, perhaps that helps explain the abundance of high scores this year?  OR, maybe just the sheer number of kids has raised the bar in terms of the scores needed to get first round acceptance.  But still… why was there no percentile this year?  I need to get an answer to that one.  If anyone calls GEAP, see if they’ll give a reason.

Given the huge number of kids tested, there is no way they can give a test that really truly measures a child’s intelligence.  These tests are hopefully a decent indicator and for now, that’s the best we’ve got.  If CPS wanted to use a better test method, we’d probably have to switch to a system like I’ve heard of in suburbs where a child needs teacher recommendations to take the test (or maybe other outside confirmation.)  CPS doesn’t care about stuff right now, leaving it a big of a crapshoot, much like the lotteries.

Just as a reminder, there are SO few spots out there for Kindergarten.  If you live on the north side and don’t want your child to travel too far there are 3 K programs: Edison, Decatur, Coonley.  If you break it out by white/non-white (35%/65%) that is roughly 10 spots per school for white kids, maybe 20 spots per school for minority kids.  They don’t balance on gender, but if it falls out 50/50, that means there are 10 gifted spots for a white boy up north and 5 classical spots.  Hey, quit your complaining!  Before Coonley came along there were only 5 boy spots!  Again, it isn’t gender balanced, but that was how I was pondering my chances last year.

So the spots are few, the number of kids is massive.  And people I’ve talked to who have gotten spots offered are not totally set on whether they’ll take them.  People like their neighborhood schools, they don’t like the idea of big class size, they don’t want to travel too far, they don’t like the idea of the “gifted” label, etc.  Spots will open up in April and beyond.

And where is MY stinkin’ letter by the way?!

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