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Waiting for the test scores

As I sit here today waiting for the gifted test scores to arrive, I’m reminded what a weird time it was last year when my son was tested before Kindergarten. For most of us, getting those test scores is the first external validation we have of our child’s intelliegence, which is such a surreal piece of information to be given.

In some ways, there is so much more wrapped up in that score than just whether a kid gets into a certain school or not.  It’s a validation of our own (or our spouse’s) intelligence, confirmation of our parenting skills, a glimpes at the opportunities thay may or may not open up for our child down the road, and their general proclivity for success in the crazy CPS system.

We somehow imagine that seeing a high score on the test means our child will be graduating from Harvard some day, forgetting about other factors like level of slacker-ness (the likely problem with my son,) the child’s personal interests (maybe they’d rather be a starving artist or give acting a try or open a plumbing business,) and of course the insane COST of Harvard.

Seeing a high score feels like it will validate all those classes we took at the Old Town School, the foreign language DVDs we ordered, and all the times we adeptly made teachable moments out of playtime.

I’m sure every person who takes the time to test their child thinks their kid is smart.  How can we not?  For crying out loud, they’ve learned to walk, talk, count, and more in just 5 short years.  That takes some brains, right?!

But that test.  That damnated test seems so random in who it decides is “gifted.”  Of all the kids I’ve known my sons age, I’d say nearly all of them have seemed to be of comparable intelligence.  And one kid stood out as uber-smart.  Yet the test scores were doled out – some high enough to get into a gifted/classical program, some not.  Frankly, I’m sure they could all do the work in those accelerated programs.  It’s just a matter of a few questions right or wrong on that test.  Of a few minutes staring off into the corner.  And the uber-smart kid?  Didn’t get high scores, which shows that the test isn’t the be-all-end-all.

So I guess what I’m saying is, when you rip open that envelope, try (if you can) not to let it mean more than it is – one little test on one type of measure.

UPDATE: Ergh.  Mine didn’t arrive today.

UPDATE 2: If I recall correctly, my son got a score of 127 on the gifted test last year and got into a program.  There WILL be more spots open after the first round of acceptances are taken/rejected.  Don’t give up yet….

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