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Disney II High School (and other schools still open)


The application period for Disney II Magnet High School is opened.  I didn’t realize it will require Stanine 5 in Reading and Math (although now I think I recall some of you mentioning this.  True, it’s not a SE level cut-off but it certainly should set the school apart in that every student will be average or above.

Will there be a proximity lottery and tiers as with other magnets?  I assume so…  And we’ve heard that Disney II elem kids will get automatic entry to this school, regardless of stanine, correct?

Who do you think the school will initially attract?  I feel like most kids have made peace with their high school decision so this is probably a good year to get in… when other people have already made up their minds about other schools.

I noticed that there are charters that are still taking students.  I guess they can’t pull any off the 10,000 kid waiting list?  (or whatever that number was…)


Disney II Magnet High School

Disney II Magnet School will expand to the high school level in fall 2013. The program will offer a college prep curriculum with an emphasis on fine

arts and technology integration. Located at 3900 N. Lawndale Ave., Disney II Magnet’s high school campus will open at the ninth grade and add one grade each year until it serves grades 9-12.

Students will be selected through a computerized lottery; to be eligible for the lottery, students must have minimum stanines of 5 in both reading comprehension and total math on their seventh grade ISAT (or another acceptable standardized test).  Students with an IEP or 504 Plan must have seventh grade reading and math stanines that equal at least 10.

Click here for an application.  Applications must be mailed or hand-delivered to the Office of Access and Enrollment, 125 S. Clark St., 10th floor, Chicago, IL 60603, and must be received no later than June 7, 2013, at 5 p.m.  (If you mail your application, it is strongly recommended that you enclose a self-addressed, stamped postcard/envelope with your application. The postcard/envelope will be returned to you as a receipt.)

CTE-College and Career Academies

Several CTE-College and Career Academies are still accepting applications.  Programs offered by the schools include Early Childhood Education, Business, Pre-Engineering, Culinary Arts, Game Programming and Web Design, and many others!  Click here for a list of schools still accepting applications.  Call the schools directly for more information.

Nobel Charter Schools

Four campuses in the Nobel Charter School network are still accepting incoming ninth graders:


Auburn Gresham College Prep:  8748 S. Aberdeen St.

Contact Ms. Ayala at 773-729-3400


DRW Trading College Prep:  931 S. Homan Ave.

Contact Ms. Loving at 773-893-4500


Johnson College Prep: 6350 S. Stewart Ave.

Contact Ms. Delgado at 312-348-1888


Rowe-Clark Math and Science Academy:  3645 W. Chicago Ave.

Contact Ms. DeJesus at 773-242-2212


For additional Noble campus enrollment information, contact 773-278-6895.


Other Charter Schools

A limited number of additional charter and contract elementary and high schools throughout the city are still accepting applications.  Click the links below for more information!

Elementary School Charter Options

High School Charter Options

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