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New Decatur web site

A reader sent me the link to a fine-lookin’ new web site for Decatur so I thought I’d share it.   This is one nice CPS site. Gives Nettelhorst a run for their money.  Which reminds me, I am going to work on a post about the marketing aspect of CPS schools, a topic that fascinates me.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have an awards show for the schools with things like:
Best Web Site

Best Brochures

Best Overall Marketing Efforts

Best P.R.

Best rehab of a hideous space in a school building

Most attractive use of outside signage

Most clever events to get prospective parents into the school building

Best use of message boards to create buzz

Most inspiring school tour (category for Principal and Parent)

Best table display at NPN school fair

In any case, despite the humor, a big THANK YOU to all the parents who pitch in to make things like this in CPS happen.  It takes a lot of work and free time (often late at night) to keep the momentum going and convincing new parents that CPS can be a good option for their kids.

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