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New: 1-Application Coming for High Schools


In what will make things at least a little easier for high school applications, CPS is looking to create 1 high school application, reports WBEZ (an NPR affiliate.)

For now, the plan is to include the Selective, Military, Magnets, and (I assume) IBs and neighborhood programs on one form.

Interestingly, they say that when you apply, the school can then contact you about upcoming dates, etc.  Seems like a good idea.  I am hoping that doesn’t mean the school can look to see where you applied (a topic that seems to come up when we’ve discussed Principal Discretion.)

What seems to still be unknown is whether Charter schools would be included on this application.  I *think* each Charter group/company requires a separate application now, so that could make the Charter process more efficient as well.

I’ve always thought it was strange that Charter, which are still a part of our system, run separately in terms of application dates, processes, etc.   Potentially, this could help give all schools in the system a leg up in the “choice” process (I use that term loosely, given the constraints of our system.)

I assume that after the 1 application is filled out, families will still need to follow up with the other steps of scheduling a test or audition, etc.


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High School Letters 2016

SEHS Cutoffs 2016_17

As expected, many of the cutoffs for SEHS went up this year, compared to last year.  The exception being the traditionally top-scoring schools: Young, Payton, NSCP.  Payton has the highest cutoff scores this year, indicating that it’s been inching out NSCP.  Tier 4 students need a 890 to get into Payton.   Jones is up quite a bit.  FYI I noticed the sheet doesn’t indicate the # of students this year.

In any case, big thumbs up to OAE for posting these early Monday morning!


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2013 High School Letters being mailed this week



Info from our friends at ChicagoSchoolGPS on high school letters.  I get the sense that parents want to start obsessing already.  Any speculations on how things will go down this year?  Can the cutoffs for the top schools possibly get any higher?  Will any previously off-the-radar schools be at the top of people’s lists this year?  Will we have the threat of a fist fight like we did last year between readers?

ChicagoSchoolGPS emailed CPS and was told the letters will be “sent” by Feb. 22, which means that they may not arrive until this weekend at the earliest. I know they added an additional week of SEHS testing on Jan 26 and there were 2 testing sessions per day at some locations so the numbers of applicants was pretty high.

There will be a separate notification letter for each centralized program that your child applied to, ie. one for SEHS, one for IB, one for Magnets, one for CTE, etc. The SEHS & Military Academies will indicate zero or one offer, and the IB, CTE & Magnets will indicate zero, one or multiple offers.

Schools with their own applications (Lake View, Alcott, Lincoln Park Fine Arts & Double Honors- now changed to some form of IB, etc) are supposed to notify this week as well.

First round CPS acceptances are due by March 12.

For those interested in learning what to do next, and what’s available should their choices not pan out, as well as Principal’s Discretion for SEHS, we invite you to join us for our “What’s Next? Decisions After Notifications” seminar at Alcott HS on Thursday, 2/28 at 7PM. We will also talk about private and parochial school options and next steps.

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