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CPS New School Locator

If you lived at CPS headquarters, South Loop would be your neighborhood school

So CPS has unveiled a very nice new tool for finding your neighborhood school as well as schools in your vicinity. (FYI, it’s located at the bottom right corner of
If you enter your address, it’ll show your neighborhood elementary school and high school and all other schools within an X mile radius.  If you choose 1.5 miles, you can see the magnets schools in which you’re in the proximity boundary.

This is also the first time the neighborhood school boundaries are clickable online like this.

Down at the bottom are other screening criteria so you can narrow to elementary or high school by different school types.

The CPS tech guys also showed me how to use the school search tool here more efficiently:

For instance if you want to get a list of the Selective Enrollment high schools, select:
Grade Level: High Schools
School Type: Selective Enrollment

You can also select 2-4 schools from a list and choose “Compare” to line up some basic data about them.

**Give the new selector tool a try.  Is it giving you helpful information? Answering your current questions about schools? Letting search in a way that’s relevant?   There is a Feedback link on the locator page.  CPS says they’d truly like any input you have, so just click there to let them know.**

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