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Hube sticking it out *for now*

I guess I’m still naive about politics to have realized the possibility that Huberman (CPS CEO) might bail with Mayor Daley leaving.  And it sounds like he is certainly considering a move down the road (or maybe a new mayor would replace him?)  But it’s nice to hear that Hubey is at least committed to the short term to see out some of the changes he’s made in CPS. 

I learned recently on NPN that he and his partner have a young child, which certainly warmed me to him a bit.   There was also an interesting discussion on NPN as to whether public officials should send their kids to public school as a symbolic gesture.  Arne Duncan was one of the few Chicago politicians who sent his kids to public school (his neighborhood school was Ray, which I think is well-regarded.  I also know that in K, the parents raised money for an aide for the class .)

Many politicians use religion as their rationale for sending their kids to private, but lets face it – most are acting in their own self-interests in doing so.  The debate on NPN was whether it makes sense to go for the best education you can for your kids (I mean most wealthy people in the city still choose private school, no?) or whether to “make a statement.”  Which comes first – parent or politician role?

Obama even admitted he wasn’t quite ready for public ed for his girls:

During a recent “Today” show interview about education, President Obama was asked if his daughters — who currently attend the elite, $31,000-per-year Washington private school Sidwell Friends — could get a comparably “high quality, rigorous education in a D.C. public school.” The president was direct: “I’ll be blunt with you,” he said. “The answer’s no right now. The D.C. public school systems are struggling.” Does Obama’s answer undermine his commitment to public-school reform?

I’d like to see a record of how politicians vote for education funding and whether their kids go to public/private school.  Would be interesting…


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A job I wouldn’t want in a million years….


I mean seriously, is there any way to succeed?  It’s almost comical — cuts the budget and expect improvement.  Sure, why not?

Thanks to blog reader Hopeful for sending in the link to the Sun Times article today that sums up Huberman’s first year.,CST-NWS-huberman01.article

Some key points:

Talking concession with unions, including furlough days — at $10 million in savings per day — and trimming 4 percent teacher raises. A “last resort” would be boosting class sizes to 31– a move that would trigger 580 teacher layoffs and save $40.6 million, Huberman says.

There is speculation that teachers might strike if such a thing happens.  Not a pretty thought, but jeez, look at the numbers. I’m so curious to see if any of the above actually happens.

Data-junkie Huberman and his staff studied the hallmarks of 500 CPS students shot over five years to develop a “predictability model” that identified roughly 1,200 other students most likely to be shot.

The result was a two-year, $60 million proposal announced last September. It will bring advocates, mentors and jobs to the most at-risk kids, school-written “culture of calm” plans to 38 violence-prone high schools, and citizen safety patrols to dangerous streets.

I love that he’s a data junkie and it’s cool that he came up with this plan.  But it is just utterly depressing that our school system has to spend $60 million on an anti-violence initiative instead of education.   I can’t even comment.  Everything I want to write about that sounds politically incorrect and makes me sound like a cranky old person.

School area officers are now bringing performance management to principals. During monthly meetings, a half dozen principals share data on their schools. The goal is to break principal “isolation” and share what works, Huberman said.

“It’s meant so much to me to hear what’s happening at other schools,” said Julian Principal Careda Taylor. “I like that.”

But some principals find the sessions “abusive” and “embarrassing,” said Chicago Principals Association President Clarice Berry. “Principals are telling us it’s enormously time-consuming. They have to sit through a cohort of six schools.”

Uh, I’m hearing time-consuming.  Two principals have told me it is a royal pain in the butt.  I suspect that Ron’s ideas may be good in theory but may be getting distorted in the bureaucracy of CPS.  Just a hunch.

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