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Report Card Day

Well, my “baby” has gotten his first report card.  And what a report card it was.  CPS breaks down the child’s ability into an extreme level of minutae, so that I can learn whether many skills are well developed or partially developed.  I am pleased to learn that he is good at skipping!  My homeschooling there has paid off.  (Actually I lie.. I think he learned that in gym.  So that’s why they measured it.)  It’s hard to believe that the teacher actually knows the abilities of all 27 children at such a discrete level, but the best part was was I did NOT hear:  The words, “We think there was some mistake in your son getting into this class.”  But no.  Yay!  He is keeping up.

The other good news is that I have confirmation that he was not well-suited for the Montessori environment and seems to thrive in a class where he’s told what to do at each point during the day.  His teacher even commented that during the Exploration portion of the class, where they can select their own activity (fun stuff that will disappear in first grade like building robots out of legos) he tends to wander aimlessly, unable to select some materials.  No problem about that.  He can wander for 20 minutes (and at no cost!)  Heck, I used to pay almost $1000 a month for him to wander around the classroom for the whole day!

The other fears that were put upon us with his Montessori prek have also turned out to be unfounded.  They felt he was “living too much in the world of imagination and fantasy” (accompanied by implications that we let him watch too much TV, read comic books, etc.)  We left that school with the fear that unless we got him out of his fantasy world quickly and into projects like potting plants and pounding nails into wood that he would have a hard time in school.  Well, I never got him around to the potting and pounding (they do sound like fun kid projects though) and low and behold he has really blossomed in his more traditional-style classroom.  And I’m glad we didn’t try to squelch his imagination — it’s a core part of who he is.

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