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New web site for Office of Academic Enhancement

If you’re an obsessed parent who is looking into possible schools right now, you’ve probably already seen this spiffy new web site.
One cool feature is that they have a calendar of Open Houses (at least for the month of September.)  You can’t plan your whole Gifted/Classical school touring schedule, but at least it’s a start.

If you are touring, I suggest getting as many out of the way early as possible.  I think I remember getting stuck near the end when 2 schools had a final tour on the same day.  Schools like Hawthorne (magnet) and Decatur (classical) tend to have fewer tours than some other schools.

I do find it somewhat humorous that in this period of extreme budget problems, CPS seems to have paid for attracted new logos.  The Magnet schools, Gifted/Enriched programs and Selective Enrollment High Schools each have a new logo.  What, CPS thinks they’re not getting enough “customers” applying to these programs?  Make the logos uglier I say!  There’s already too many people trying to get in!

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