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STEM Magnet School News

Looks like there is some news about the new elementary magnet school that will be opening this Fall.

Information from reader Maureen:

I went to the STEM Magnet Academy Community Meeting tonight. Here are the highlights:

Applications Due by 4/15
Lottery Results will be made public around the 1st Week of May

Lottery will be conducted the standard magnet fashion (40% proximity/60% from Tiers)

School will accept K-3rd grade for first year
Will likely be 2 classrooms per grade
Kindergarten will likely be full day
Will have World Language option, language not yet selected

No principal selected yet
No curriculum set yet, but will likely closely follow the national STEM standards

The CPS rep at the meeting was Margo De Lay and she can be reached at

The attendance at the meeting was about 25 people and very diverse. Good group of parents with great questions. Most seemed to be parents of Kindergarten students, so those looking for slots for upper grades may have  good chance.

STEM Magnet Academy
STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The STEM Magnet Academy is the first of its kind in the Chicago Public Schools system.  In addition to studying science, technology, engineering, and math, students at the  STEM Magnet Academy will explore global issues through a multiple discipline approach and receive instruction in a world language. The STEM Magnet Academy will be located at 1522 W. Fillmore Street, in the building formerly occupied by Jefferson Elementary School.  The school will open in September at the kindergarten through third grade levels, and add one grade each year until it serves grades K-8.
Link to application:

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New Options for Knowledge Programs opening in Fall (apply by April 15)

I happened upon some info on about 3 new options for this Fall with the application period running from March 1 – April 15th.

Fine Arts Magnet Program at Senn High SchoolRequires an audition and portfolio submission which is kind of cool for pulling together kids with talent. Of course you’ve still got your academics with the rest of Senn, a neighborhood high school, which may or may not offer academic challenge. I haven’t looked at any info yet. But it seems like a cool opportunity.

South Shore International College Preparatory High SchoolNew facility? Cool. This school will be half IB and half career prep in the fields of computers and health care. It doesn’t say how admission is determined.

STEM Magnet Academy (Elementary)STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. I believe this is the program that is going to be added at Lakeview HS too. 1522 W. Fillmore Street, in the building formerly occupied by Jefferson Elementary School. Admission is lottery-based.

Here’s the info:

So it’s clear that CPS is open to adding new schools (or was under Huberman — I assume these are the fruits of his labor.)

In other news, I’ve gotten in touch with the woman who will lead the team opening the Quest charter school (aka video game school) so I hope to learn more about their plans. She said her husband had found my blog last year when they were researching Kindergarten in the city. She has experience with both regular public and charter schools, so it should be an interesting conversation.

Again, info on that school is here (or a place to sign up for more info.)

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