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Fall 2016: Applying to Kindergarten / Elementary School


Time to apply Kindergarten!  (or other elementary grades.)

The application period runs from Oct 3 – December 9 2016 for the 2017/18 school year.  If your child will be 5 by

CPS Office of Access and Enrollment has a nice new site that has all the information you’ll need to apply to Selective Elem programs, Magnets, and Neighborhood schools with open enrollment.

In BIG news this year, notification letters will be posted ONLINE (instead of by mail) if you apply online.

Also, the selective elem schools will still offer early testing.  If your child tests between November 1st and November 17th, you will receive your child’s test scores before the application deadline.  (And this gives you some knowledge of their scores as input for choosing/ranking your schools.)

If you like a lot of detailed information in one place, I found this power point deck to be very comprehensive:

CPS Elem Application Details

The open house schedule for Gifted and Classical programs are here:






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My God, the world’s gone crazy! Magnet school changes…

A few people have sent me this Sun Times article today about possible changes in magnet school admission policies now that the consent decree has been overturned (for those who are new, that means minority-race kids don’t get their own separate lottery any more, guaranteeing them spaces.),CST-NWS-magnet10.article

A few exerpts:

The new policy is also expected to be more family and neighborhood friendly, sources say.

Siblings would more priority than they do now.  I was under the impression that most do get in, but I know the parents sweat it out every year, wondering if they’ll have kids in 2 different schools.

After the sibling lottery, sources said, half of the remaining seats would go to neighborhood kids — up from a current threshold of 30 percent in most magnet schools.

And the other half of the seats would be decided based on socioeconomic factors — the most complicated part of the equation.  (This included some convoluted way to determine at-need kids that I couldn’t understand.)

OK, so now my comments.  I like the sibling thing.  I think it’s crazy to expect families to have kids in 2 different schools.  I feel like when you get in a magnet school, your family is in.

As for the neighborhood thing, I think I gotta a big no-way.  Except for saving gas, I don’t see why the local people should get any preference for a magnet school.   Is it a magnet or not?  It just seems to create another weird tier of haves and have-nots.  You can’t even count on getting into the school if you buy a house in the neighborhood so in theory it won’t attract people.  And it makes the odds utterly minute of anyone else getting in.  Mainly it just turns our crazy little magnet system upside down just when I’d gotten used to the unfairness of it.  Some part of me still thinks there should be magnets and neighborhood schools without mixing the two.  Maybe it’s better this way.  I don’t know. Can someone help me know what to think?

Oh, and before people totally panic, CPS hasn’t approved any of this yet.  It’s all in the “sources say” stage.


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