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Fall 2016: Applying to Kindergarten / Elementary School


Time to apply Kindergarten!  (or other elementary grades.)

The application period runs from Oct 3 – December 9 2016 for the 2017/18 school year.  If your child will be 5 by

CPS Office of Access and Enrollment has a nice new site that has all the information you’ll need to apply to Selective Elem programs, Magnets, and Neighborhood schools with open enrollment.

In BIG news this year, notification letters will be posted ONLINE (instead of by mail) if you apply online.

Also, the selective elem schools will still offer early testing.  If your child tests between November 1st and November 17th, you will receive your child’s test scores before the application deadline.  (And this gives you some knowledge of their scores as input for choosing/ranking your schools.)

If you like a lot of detailed information in one place, I found this power point deck to be very comprehensive:

CPS Elem Application Details

The open house schedule for Gifted and Classical programs are here:






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Let the Applications Begin! Woo hoo!

I woke up with much anticipation today, eager to see what new information or procedures might be on the for the selective enrollment and “standard” school application.  I am not disappointed.  It’s interesting.

There are 2 applications:  One for the selective enrollment elem schools (gifted/classical/academic centers) and one for what they’re calling the standard schools, meaning the lottery spots in magnet and neighborhood schools (and the oddly-named magnet cluster schools which are neighborhood schools.)

The gifted/classical paper form looks the same as in the past.

The standard school application is where it gets interesting.  Oh, CPS does not disappoint.  Remember the uncertainly we’ve had about the 20 school limit?  There are 20 boxes in which to write a school number (and do not let your letters touch the sides of the box! All caps btw!)

There are also boxes to enter sibling information (3 siblings, 3 boxes each.)  It doesn’t say how the sibling information benefits you.  Does it give you some priority in a lottery?  Or I suppose if you are applying to a magnet school with sibling priority maybe you need this form? In any case, the form says “If you do not already have  child already enrolled in a school to which you are applying, you can use the sibling boxes to apply to additional schools.”  Yeah!  So some people can benefit from applying to 12 extra schools!  Maybe this works out?   People with siblings in a magnet school get one benefit, the rest of the public gets to apply to extra schools?  I don’t know… it just struck me as funny and ripe with potential for complaints.

This list of schools says that if a school doesn’t have a code, it means they aren’t accepting kids outside the area, but I see Nettelhorst, Burley, and Blaine on there.  I suppose it’s worth a longshot to apply to these?  I know someone who’s kid was offered a 1st grade spot at Blaine this year so it does happen.

I have my PIN so I can theoretically try the Selective Enrollment elementary school application online.  I’m curious about it, but I tend to like to wait until later in the enrollment period to sign up so my child would get tested later (when he’s way smarter – ha ha.)

If you find anything else interesting in the materials or you call OAE and get any other information, feel free to post it.  I’m sure others would like to hear any updates or what CPS is saying on the phone today.

GO TO: and click on Apply

UPDATE: If you read the comments on this post, you’ll see that one family had their application returned because they used the 3 extra sibling spaces to choose additional schools.  Apparently CPS rejected that and requested that they fill it out with only 20 schools.   Very unclear wording!

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New magnet application process – limit of 20?

While I was at the education news focus group last night, I found out from someone attending that the magnet school application process is different this year!  Jeez, I need to look at more often.

So instead of sending applications to each and every school, you complete one application that you send to the OAE (Office of Academic Enhancement.)  The form allows for 20 schools.  This ALSO includes neighborhood schools with open enrollment (meaning those that have room to take kids outside their neighborhood boundaries.)

So I called OAE to inquire as to whether you can submit 2 application for more than 20 schools.  Hmmm, she didn’t know but I don’t think it allows for that.”  I was like “I think you need to be ready for that question on October 1!”  She went to check and came back with her brain reprogrammed by CPS: “You will find out the answer to that the day the applications are available on October 1st.”

I’m sure she will be flogged later for revealing any information before the “reveal” date.  I can never tell with CPS if it’s about secrecy (well, yeah, I can tell that) or lack of information distribution.

What do you guys think of the 20-school limit, assuming it’s valid.  It seems like it should be enough, but shouldn’t every child have the right to apply to every freaking magnet school?   Actually, maybe it will make the process more streamlined as people will apply to the 20 that they are actually interested in and/or live near.

UPDATE:  Another revision is that the applications for selective enrollment schools (gifted, classical, academic centers, SE high schools) can now be done online this year.  Not sure I’m trusting that unless I’m guaranteed of a confirmation that lists the schools I applied to.

All the news is here:

UPDATE: A reader has informed us that he tried submitting an application using the 3 extra sibling spaces (the application states that if you do not have a sibling to report, you can use those spaces to select 3 additional schools.)  The application was returned, requesting that he only select 20 schools.


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