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LSC Deadline is Friday 3/23. Does your school have candidates?

Thanks to those who posted/sent me this link.  Take a look to see if your local elem or high school still needs candidates.  We all complain about the high schools and it sounds like there are a few that need community member candidates.

People have said that Shurz appears on this list, but actually has 2 communicaty candidates.  Amundsen has a few running, as I have been speaking with them and will post more info on that later.

Being on an LSC can be a rewarding and interesting experience.  There are plenty of LSCs who are utterly passive, run mostly by the principal (for better or for worse.)  Many of the LSCs need a good strong voice to question things in a constructive way.  This is YOUR chance to speak up in a place where you just might make a difference.

I know someone mentioned that it is “just once a month – no big deal.”  Keep in mind that members need something like 8 hours of training.  That takes time.  If your school is going through a principal contract renewal or anything where you may want to survey the school, that takes extra time.  A school that is seeking and hiring a new principal may need a much greater time committment to do it right.   If you really only want to spend one hour a month, I would defer to someone else in the community who can spend a little more time on it.  I feel that most schools need more than just an hour a month. 

If you have news on specific schools, candidate recommendations, news on candidate forums, questions, etc. please post below.

We spend a lot of time here complaining (heck, it was whay I started the blog) and the LSC is a chance for many of us to put our money where our mouths are when it comes to “why don’t you work to improve neighborhood schools?” comments.

Also, if anybody has pointers on how to move a plethora of assembled Lego creations to a new home, please share.    The Lego Death Star is particularly vexing as it took a good 30 hours to assemble….


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First LSC Meeting – Will I Be Able to Walk the Talk?

OK, I hate that expression about walking/talking, but it actually fits for once in my life.  I’ve been talking (some may interpret as lecturing, yammering, complaining, informing, gossiping, instigating, or agitating) about CPS for a couple years now to anyone who will listen.  Or even just pretend to listen.  I got myself onto the local LSC with the mission of making a difference, pushing the school to do more, to stretch themselves, fix some things, listen to the voice of the people, etc.  It all sounds great in my head.  Problem is, I’m not sure if have what it takes to actually push for stuff.  I’m a rebel in my mind, but my reality is to avoid confrontation and not rock the boat.

I can’t help but wonder if I will have the guts to keep pushing.  And I’m not even quite sure what exactly I’m pushing for, specifically.  I know I want better communication between all parties involved in the school and ideally I’d like to see the academic standard bumped up a bit both in terms of getting more kids at/above that magic level of test scores and making sure that the bright and/or motivated kids get challenged.  And to work with another LSC member who has a great vision for more progressive, hands-on learning for the kids. 

My impression is that my LSC has gone along for a while, acting in general agreement, and conducting their two main functions: approving the school budget and the SIPAA plan (school’s strategic plan.)   The other job of an LSC is to determine whether to retain the principal when their contract is up.  We’ll be doing that in two years.  I think it’ll take some “chutzpah” (or “balls” if you don’t know Yiddish) to push the group out of their standard routine.  It means that I need to figure out exactly what I want to happen, throw it out there, and not back off as easily as I normally do.  Frankly, I would feel better if I had an alliance.  Like on Survivor.  I am terrible at being the lone dissenting voice beyond a first peep.  I know that some other new LSC member are also eager to make a difference.  But inertia is hard to fight.  We want to lead a revolution (in reality, an evolution) without making waves and that probably isn’t possible.


I think I will take inspiration from the Gatorade commercials… “Is it in you?”  I’m quite sure that when the ads were written the copywriter wasn’t thinking about some over-zealous-yet-a-bit-hesitant mom taking on the local school board.  But hey, you gotta take inspiration where you can find it, right?


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