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CPS Grading Scale

I got a note this week from my son’s school that referenced the CPS recommended grading scale, which I have to admit surprised me.  Here’s how it looks:

A    93%-100%

B    88% – 92%

C    78% – 87%

D    70% – 77%

F    0% – 69%

I don’t have anything insightful or witty to say about this.  It just strikes me as weird.  Why is CPS so much tougher than the typical grading scale?  Whatever happened to the old-fashioned 90% is an A, 80% is a B, etc?  I can’t figure out the reasoning behind it.  Grade inflation? (Or is it deflation?)  The appearance of high academic standards?

C supposedly stands for “Meets the Standard” so I guess I wouldn’t want the standard to be in the 70%’s.  Then again, I guess I never thought of getting C’s as meeting a standard.  So maybe that’s the confusing part.

In any case, our school officials voted to revise our grading scale, which is great.  But I think about the grades needed to get into the Selective Enrollment high schools and how strange it is that each school can determine their own grading scale.  Heck, make it really lax and all our students can get into a good school! (kidding.)

As usual, if anybody has insight into this, please share.


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