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2013: Annual Elementary MAGNET Mailbox Watch

Waiting patiently for my letter.

Waiting patiently for my letter.

It’s that time of year when parents around the city are on mailbox watch.  Thanks to all of us and for CPS for helping keep the USPS afloat!

With luck, letters about Elementary Gifted and Classical schools, Academic Centers, and Magnet schools will be mailed this week of March 18th.

As we discussed in a post this week, you wait and wait for this day to arrive thinking “it’ll all be clear” once you find out what school/s your child did or didn’t get into it.

One of the frustrations can end up being that you still find yourself in limbo, waiting.   Your child may have gotten into your 4th choice for a Regional Gifted Center, or in one far from your home.  So you might re-enter the pool, hoping for a school closer to home.

You may have what seems like all horrible wait-list numbers at magnet schools, only to discover that over the next 2 months (even through the summer) many schools work their way pretty far down those lists and you may get an offer.)

You may have had your eye on a certain neighborhood school with open enrollment – and those offers won’t be coming until MAY.


If your child gets into a gifted or classical program that isn’t your top choice, you can decline it and wait to see if you get a spot at the one your want.  This involves some risk as you lose what you’ve got in hopes of getting another.  The higher your child’s score, the better the odds of this working out.

If your child doesn’t get a gifted or classical spot, you aren’t out of the running just yet.  Kids with high scores (usually in the 95% an up range) might be offered something as spots open up.

If you don’t get any magnet school offers, those can certainly come later.  Your odds depend on the schools.  Schools like Hawthorne rarely move down the list past 1-2 kids (but it HAS happened!) while some of the neighborhood schools that are “up and coming” can really go down the list.  If you’re waiting, make sure you are available at whatever number you gave CPS.  Answer your phone if you don’t recognize a number and it’s 312/773.  The schools are *supposed* to give you a day to respond but I have certainly heard stories of schools moving quickly down that list without giving people adequate time to respond or people missing a message on an answering machine.

If you’re at the point of despair, calm down.  We can all discuss it and I bet most people will get something satisfactory figured out.  Maybe not right away.  Maybe not even this year.  But by first grade nearly everyone I’ve met in person or on this blog got something figured out in CPS.  Kindergarten is hard to mess up.  Kids are eager to learn, more Kindergarten teachers are lovely people, and you have the knowledge to teacher your kids at home to supplement, if needed.   So don’t panic.

Finally, Chicago school GPS is holding a session on Thursday 3/22 called “What’s Next? Decisions After Notification”.  Info here:

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Gifted/Classical Notifications – Coming Soon to a Mailbox Near You

The Gifted/Classical testing period has ended and a few days ago I noticed a big spike in hits here… I can only guess that people are now trying to find out WHEN they’ll find out the news – How did my child do?  Did they get a spot anywhere?

According to the CPS GEAP site, letters notifying parents of admission for the first round will be mailed March 20th.  If my memory serves me correctly (which it often does not) the letters with the test score should  arrive about a week before that.

What can you figure out from the test scores?  Well, for Classical, if your child scores in the 97th percentile or lower, chances are slim that you’ll get in anywhere since there are so few slots.

For the Gifted Test for Kindergarten, it seems that down to 95th% could get you in… but you never really know.  And may not even know until September as people start shuffling around.

So if you think you will have all the answers when you get your test scores – far from it!  You may end up getting an offer for a spot a month later and have just days to decide if you’ll take it.   Hard time for neurotic parents.  Have plenty of wine on hand.

NOTE: 2 comments posted that are worth reading:

I called the Office of Academic Enhancement the other day to check on this, and they told me that they changed the policy this year.  There is no separate mailing prior to the school decision letters that details test results.  She said this year they are combining those two mailings, so you’ll find out the test results at the same time as you get acceptance letters, which mail on the 20th.  Good luck everyone!

I’ll add another anecdote: I know personally of 3 kids accepted to Classical and Gifted programs who scored below 90.  Friend who is a SW at CPS says the schools have to fill those classroom spots. So they go down the list until they’re filled.

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