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Trib article on Kindergarten Test prep

Interesting article today in the Trib about parents who prep their kids for CPS testing for Kindergarten.

Some interesting points that may or may not have been covered in previous articles in on the topic:

“It’s just yet another example that the country has gone test crazy,” said Robert Schaeffer, public education director for FairTest, a national nonprofit that advocates for other methods of assessing young children. “This sort of insanity testing produces test coaching for little kids and gaming of the system by parents and others to figure out what’s on the test and get their kid a leg up. We’re not letting kids be kids, and we’re making them into little Einsteins.”

As kindergarten is an entry year for most of those programs, many parents are hiring private tutors, researching tests used in other large urban school systems, finding age-appropriate questions online and doing whatever else it takes to get their kids on the right track early.

The article mentions a mom who hired a former Montessori teacher to help prep her child.  It notes that there are no formal test prep companies for young kids in the city but there are some specific resources mentioned in the article: (been meaning to mention this site lately)

-Tutor Lemi Erinkitola started a tutoring company for kids as young as 3, preparing children, mostly on the South Side

As usual, one of the key questions is whether a school district should be revealing the test that’s used (like NYC does) or whether the shroud of secrecy should continue in Chicago.  And of course, whether it makes sense/is fair to prep kids.

Now interestingly, the Trib has published some sample questions (provided by – I think I’m seeing how this article originated now…)  I assume these are highly useful if you live in NYC but probably can’t hurt for Chicago parents to take a peek to get an idea of what type of questions *might* be on the test.,0,6394351.htmlpage

And finally, a nice article on the difference between Classical and Gifted testing and some nice tips on how parents can work some of the “practice questions” into their kids’ day without blatantly “cramming.”,0,5780878.story


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Gifted test this week

Yep, I’m a glutton for punishment.  (Well, inflicting punishment.)  I’m going to have my son take the gifted test for the 3rd year in a row.   Our test is this Saturday.

I joked last year about taking the test just in case something happened at our school or his current RGC program was canned.  And guess what.  I’ve just found out that the principal at our school will be retiring at the end of this year (which makes me really sad.)  So SEE?!  You really never know what’ll happen from year to year.

I’m treating it mainly as a free assessment and a point of data to see if he is leveling off in some way (which will mean possibly helping him keep up more by supplementing at home.)  But of course part of me has no desire to see if his “giftedness” (which in his case is more “brightness” than true giftedness) is declining.  But ultimately I’m a data person and if there’s a way to know, I want to know.

I don’t think I’m going to do anything to have him practice this week.   Well, maybe practice a few logic questions.  Heck, what can it hurt right?  Just to get him back in the swing of things after a cushy winter break.   (As a side note, I mentioned to my son this morning that it was time to get “get back into the swing of things” which he interpreted as “get back onto the swingaling” which sounded a lot more fun to him.  It’s about time they installed that swingaling at the school!)

Explaining the test gets a little weird.  I’ll just tell him once again that it’s a test that some kids take to see what they’ve learned in school.   From what I understand there are plenty of kids whose crazy parents test them every year just to keep the options open.  The Decatur principal implied that parents consider switching from Edison to Decatur year by year.   Not sure if that’s true or not.

Let me know if there are any good stories about the tests or if your child is one of the few who spilled the beans about what was on it.

Back to the swingaling of work now…..

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