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2015 SEES GIFTED and CLASSICAL Elem Thread


Share scores, questions, and knowledge here about gifted and classical programs.

And remember, the process takes some time to work through the lists.


Please post:




Favorite childhood pet (just kidding, I hate those security questions)

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2012 Gifted/Classical Letters – Post News Here!

If you post your news, please include Tier, school, and child’s score.

If you applied for Gifted and Classical schools, your child can receive only one offer.  If you accept that spot, you will not be offered another spot.

If you turn down the spot your received, you will go back into the pool and have the opportunity to get in one of your higher choices if a spot opens up.

For applications above the entry year, most schools don’t find out that a child is leaving the class (and a spot thus opens up) until after this round and/or closer to the end of the school year (or even into the summer.)  So these spots often require waiting a bit longer.


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Elementary Letters (Magnet/SEES/Academic Centers) have mailed from OAE as of Friday evening March 18.

Second round SE High School letters will mail Monday March 21.

Well ladies and gentlemen (and bugs,) it looks like the OAE fulfilled their promise of mailing something last week, as we have a reporting of an Academic Center letter arriving (to a lucky person who’s mail carrier comes so EARLY!)

Feel free to share your information here.  If possible, include Tier, grades/scores (for AC) and any other interesting notes/info that come included in your letter that people might be of interest to people.

I’ve been through the angst and I know many other parents who have as well, and somehow it all works out.  And then you can start worrying about high school…..

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As of SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 19, there are 2 reports of AC letters arriving so I’ve started a new post on elem/AC letters.  Go to home page to read the new post.

This week the letters for elementary gifted/classical/magnet AND “standard” school (magnet cluster, neighborhood, academic center) notifications will begin to mail.

Supposedly this year there will be one letter for the magnet schools for the first round (whereas in the past notification was done by each school.)

Gifted/classical letters will also be in one letter (together, but separate from magnet.)  In the recent past, the test score/s and school admitted to was included in the same letter.

Elementar letters are scheduled to mail MARCH 18.  Academic Center letters are due to mail Friday MARCH 18 so we’ll see when they start showing up in mailboxes.  As of Thursday 3/17 there are no reports of letters arriving yet for elem gifted/classical/magnet/neighborhood/AC.

I wonder if mailmen feel stalked this week.  I know I was always sticking my head out the door peering around for him.  This will be the first year I’m not waiting for anything, so please share here what you’ve received in the mail so others can know what to expect.  Good luck to everyone.

FYI, I called the OAE today to inquire whether the Standard Schools (magnet, magnet cluster, neighborhood) would be treated as one pool, like the gifted/classical schools are.  Meaning, if you accept one, are you still on the waiting list for others.  After the phone was passed around to find someone knowledgeable, I was told that the system will be like in the past:

You CAN accept a Standard school and you will remain on the waiting list at your other schools.  So say you get into Nettlehorst via their lottery, you’ll still have your spot on the waiting list at Hawthorne, Disney II, etc.  And you can always attend your neighborhood school.

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