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Will budget cuts axe the Gifted/Classical/Magnet progams?

So the big panic now is the massive budget problems plaguing CPS.  I’ve said already that I’d never want Huberman’s job.  It’s hard enough trying to educate an inner-city student base when the state of IL kicks in very little to help out.  Now he has to do it with almost a billion dollars less than we’re spending right now.

I won’t go into the gory details, mainly because it gives me a headache and makes me want to start perusing the suburb real estate listings.

But, one of the threats is to eliminate the gifted/classical programs and magnet schools to save many millions.

The thing I don’t get about this possible solutions is the following:  It’s not like by eliminating these programs the kids in them just disappear!  I mean they’ll just resurface at their neighborhood schools where CPS will STILL have to pay to educate them!  Right?!

Does it cost a lot more to educate kids in the gifted/classical/magnet programs than in other schools?  I know these schools get full day Kindergarten for “free” from CPS, while neighborhood schools do not.  Gifted and classical schools get a foreign language, which costs more.  I supposed gifted/classical teachers get some extra training.  I wouldn’t think that magnet teachers do.  These schools tend to have full classes, which makes them more efficient than many neighborhood schools.  Of course bussing is a big cost.

So it seems like it would just result in a “re-allocation” of kids.  Not a reduction of any sort.  I can see addressing those extra costs I mentioned, which would actually make things more fair.  But I’m not seeing how full-on elimination is going to help.

Frankly, I’ve talked to people about how getting rid of these “enablers” would force more parents to support their neighborhood school which wouldn’t be entirely bad.

My God, what would I obsess about then?!


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