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Gifted/Classical/Magnet Letters – Post Updates Here!

Is THIS what you're looking for?!

***UPDATE:  The office of Academic Enhancement  started mailing letters (gifted/classical/acad centers) Thursday 3/25 and there have been reports today (Friday 3/26) of Classical and Gifted school letter acceptances received.  It appears that only ACCEPTANCE letters have gone out yet.  So information is on its way…..***

***UPDATE 2: Saw this link on NPN that says that principals will find out Monday 3/29 whether their Pre-K for All will continue next year: ***

OK, fellow obsessers, this is our big week!

With just a few precincts reporting, we hear that letters from the following schools have been received so far:
Disney II
LaSalle II
Mark Sheridan

Apparently Franklin and Disney say that you need to come in to the school to find out your wait list number.  Efficient! (Insert eye roll.)

(I’ll update as the news comes in.)

GEAP reports that we’ll have gifted/classical scores by the end of the week (they may have more faith in the USPS than some of us do.)

So good luck to all.  (And remember, neighborhood schools are a wonderful place to be a part of.)

Also, please report if anything about TIER is mentioned in those letters.  How are those waiting lists ranked?  Are there 4 waiting lists?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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