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Free Breakfast in Class program approved

I’ve gotten a lot of emails about this story this week, so I figure I’ll post it.  It didn’t rile me as much as it did some people.  I guess when we are in a school district that is something like 80% (?) low income, things like this are going to happen, as dysfunctional as they are in some schools.

My son’s school offers free breakfast in the morning to basically anyone who wants it.  It is certainly utilized by kids who come early, but I doubt it’s more than 20% of the school.  The repulsive looking food I’ve seen might have something to do with that.

Clearly the motives of an in-class breakfast are to “force” some kids to start the day with the benefit of some calories in them.   Hard to believe there are some parents who can’t even get their kids a piece of toast in the morning, but sometimes I find it challenging myself.   The theory is good, but CPS is already operating on minimal school time.  Taking 10 minutes (that will likely stretch out to 15) is even less learning time from our pathetically short school day.

I guess I feel a little self-conscious about being part of the anti-breakfast movement.    Blaine school lead a protest, trying to get school to choose to opt out completely, but pointing out that they are only 25% low income.  CPS pointed out that “”We understand you have 1,100 signatures, but we have 410,000 students we need to consider,” Richardson-Lowry said.”  Well, that’s a valid point.  And what about the 25% low income who DO attend Blaine?  I guess the argument is that if the parents drop the kids off a little early, they can get the free breakfast already. (I assume they must offer it there too?)

My biggest issue with this is the food and packaging waste that will definitely be generated.    I bet CPS has a rule that they must all get it placed in front of them.  I bet half the kids don’t eat the food.  I bet the amount of edible food that ends up in the trash will be depressing.  I saw it happen when I helped do afterschool tutoring.  The amount of apples and oranges that went straight to the trash was ludicrous.  The school finally set up a plan to collect it and donate it.

From the article, it says the program is starting in schools with 80% low income or higher, which makes sense.

Here’s the article:,0,1352037.story

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