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CPS Big Book of Schools is now online

Each year CPS prints a giant guide to all the schools in the district (PreK and Elem together and High School separately.) 

This is now online (status update is thanks to a very nice CPS employee who actually followed up to contact me about this!)

Unfortunately the book is over 600 pages long and thus isn’t all that Internet friends.  They are begining to distriute hard copies to public libraries so I highly recommend trying to pick one up.  It makes the school search process a lot easier.

If anyone finds a treasure trove of these somewhere, please post.

(And FYI, someone posted here that they get these printed so late because they have to wait until the end of October to get the official test scors to but in them.)  But hey, if they really send them out to libraries this week they’ll be one MONTH ahead of last year so I shouldn’t complain.



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