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Fall 2015: Applying to Academic Centers and Intl Gifted Programs

Academic Center V2 10_2_2015

As a quick review, Academic Centers are for 7-8th grade (apply in 6th grade.)  Entry into an AC guarantees you a high school spot in that school (and you can still apply to other schools for high school if you wish.) Students can earn up to 8 HS credits while in an AC.

International Gifted Programs are for grades 6-8 (apply in 5th grade.)  The program includes intensive study of English, French, social studies, laboratory science, mathematics, technology, arts, physical education, library science, and advanced research. The International Gifted Program is designed to allow intellectually able students to be schooled in their least restrictive environment and to mature at an accelerated pace.

Cutoff scores from last year:

Scoring Rubric:

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School Hours Across CPS – New Lane Tech AC Hours: Early!!

So I’ve heard from a parent who’s child will be starting in the new Lane Tech Academic Center about the program hours:

Yesterday I received a call from the Lane Tech AC administrator to tell me that the hours of the AC had been set. School will start at 7:15 and end at 2:15. At first I thought I had misheard her, and said :7:50? She said no 7:15. She then explained that the early hours were the only way that the school could offer transportation to the AC. She also said the  early hours are allowing the school to extend the day and include one more class in the curriculum. That’s all well and good, but these hours mean that the kids need to be at school by 7 am! And if you work (like I do) – what do you do with a 12/13 yr old    who is out of school at 2:15?!

So the GOOD news is that Lane AC will be a 7 hour day, which is longer than typical CPS 7th-8th grade.  The bad news is that these kids have to get up so insanely early!  Of course CPS needs to be efficient with its busses (although I cringe when I see giant busses pull up en masse in front of my son’s school with about 6 students max, per bus.)

Would this early start time be a deal breaker for you?  I remember an ex-babysitter we used who went to Whitney Young telling me that she had to get really early to bus it down there and in my mind I crossed if off my mental list of high school possibilities (yeah right… obviously wouldn’t turn it down if it happened, but still!)

Schools that start at 9am but don’t have pre-care are also a drag for working parents.

The reader who wrote in wondered if parents have any control over the hours.  I don’t think I’ve heard of a school changing their hours and I suspect it would be a major undertaking with the support of everyone in the world needed.  Probably easier in a neighborhood school where there is no bussing.


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