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Strikewatch Tues 9/18 – HoD Votes Today

The CTU House of Delegates is due to vote today at 3pm.

Parents will be protesting the strike at noon at the Merchandise Mart to urge the CTU to end the strike.  See previous strike post for details.

Another group of parents have started up to try to rally more of the parent voice.  (Note, that I’d copied their wording that referred to “us” —  I am not affiliated with this new group, but feel free to check them out here….)

The Trib reports that teachers are starting to have mixed feelings about the strike going on, but we’re a big city with a lot of different opinions.  Clearly some people still fully support the strike and others do not.   The next step lies in the hand of the hundreds of CTU delegates today, to see if they approve of some of the concessions that the CTU negotiators made.   It can’t be an easy pill to swallow for the teachers at the schools that are likely to be closed in the next year or 2 who probably feel that while the whole city wants kids “back in school” that they’re getting the short end of the stick in all this.

I’m eager to see what happens today.

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CPS Strikewatch 2012

I hope they look this pretty if they strike!

I figure if CNN does Storm Watch, we should do a strike watch.

Post any news you hear about the negotiations, etc.  There should be some interesting developments arising soon, I imagine.

I had forgotten about the possibility of crossing a picket line and I can’t remember why this is considered inherently wrong, sacrilegious, almost.  Is it assumed that people all agree with any given strikers?  Is it considered disrespectful?  What is the protocol?  I don’t feel like dropping my son off to watch movies and sort-learn a little is violating the teachers’ efforts.  It’s certainly not like we’re gonna go on forever with parents or whoever manning the schools (assuming schools can get it organized.)

I have mixed feelings about the whole issue: unions, CPS, strikes, CTU, Rahm, etc.  You guys have more to say about it than I do so have at it….

Find out if the CTU is officially On Strike here:

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