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CPS Strikewatch 2012

I hope they look this pretty if they strike!

I figure if CNN does Storm Watch, we should do a strike watch.

Post any news you hear about the negotiations, etc.  There should be some interesting developments arising soon, I imagine.

I had forgotten about the possibility of crossing a picket line and I can’t remember why this is considered inherently wrong, sacrilegious, almost.  Is it assumed that people all agree with any given strikers?  Is it considered disrespectful?  What is the protocol?  I don’t feel like dropping my son off to watch movies and sort-learn a little is violating the teachers’ efforts.  It’s certainly not like we’re gonna go on forever with parents or whoever manning the schools (assuming schools can get it organized.)

I have mixed feelings about the whole issue: unions, CPS, strikes, CTU, Rahm, etc.  You guys have more to say about it than I do so have at it….

Find out if the CTU is officially On Strike here:

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