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Grade Scales

I know we’ve talked before about the grading scales used in different schools – how a 90% might be an A at one school or a B at another.

In some somewhat interesting news, I was informed at an Open House at my son’s elem school that all of Area 2 has been instructed to use the traditional 90%=A, 80%=B, etc.  I’m curious whether each area is setting their own? The same?  And what the purpose is.  (As a note, CPS has 21 areas – 17 elem and 4 HS.)  In theory, the Area Office acts like “middle management” for the schools.  They’re supposed to help the schools succeed by developing new principals, encouraging best practice, sharing good ideas, etc.  The Area Officers are very well paid by CPS standards.  I know that this past year, the Area Officers spent a lot of time focusing on measurment (AKA test scores.)  I heard the principal at my son’s school and our neighborhood school commenting (OK, bitching) about the amount of time they had to spend on this topic.  Notably, both schools showed strong gains in their test scores this past year.  Maybe the pressure helped?

In any case, have we definitely determined that the grades used for High School admission are based on the percentile score and not the letter grade?  If the letter grade is used, it’s an interesting tactic to potentially ensure that Area 2 students get a big of an edge over schools that use a stricter grading scale.  If it doesn’t matter, why the policy?

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