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Nursery University (TV show Monday night)

Ooh, this show sounds good….

Showtime, Monday May 11 6:30pm

From Entertainment Weekly:
On Manhattan’s Upper East Side, a father anxiously flips through a thesarus, searching for the perfect word for his daughter’s preschool application. A Christopher Guest parody about psycho New York Parents? If only.  Rather it’s an all-too-true documentary about the competitive culture of applying to preschool (yes preschool) in Manhattan.  Jaw droppingly fascinating/disturbing/hilarious/terrifying, the film perfectly captures the mania of thinking a glorified playgroup can land your kid at Harvard.  (Grade from ET:  A)

Well, I am surely going to watch.  Ooh, I hope I get Showtime.  I can’t keep track.   Somehow I suspect that those of in Chicago will be more sympathetic than horrified about what goes on – but from what I read in the NYTimes, everything education-related there is magnified by 1000x.   Plus throwing in the rich, upper-east side element should add a good twist.

UPDATE: There are more showings, plus it is on Showtime On Demand

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