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Big idea – “make your own high school”

Whoa – big news possibly coming soon regarding a north side school.  I have heard unofficially that a particular well-regarded north side elementary school has gotten approval to add high school level classes to their school. 

I’m guessing that parents were begining to freak out about the prospect of high school for their kids (much as I am, 9 years in advance) and figured the best bet was to keep them together.  No more stressing over test scores.  No more hauling all over town.  No more going to a giant school without any of your friends joining you.  Sounds like it could be a great solution.

Of course it also means having high-schooler on the same grounds as pre-schoolers which could be equally annoying for each of those ages.  Hopefully the teens will keep their potty mouths and crop-tops away from the 3 year olds. 

I’m curious to see if it really happens and how many kids stay for high school.  Or if they’ll let other kids lottery in?  Or if other schools follow suit?

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