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Cat writing college essay

Cat writing college essay

I travelled this past weekend, to a wonderful music festival in Athens, Ohio, home of Ohio University.  The festival was great – smallish, laid back, no drunken Lollapolloza-style idiots, lots of different music.

The town is a great college town: picturesque scenery, small downtownish college town (like a small scale Madison) and modern educational facilities.  Apparently the school has bee

n known for a long time as a top party school, with maybe a mid-tier academic reputation (certain majors are more respected, as with every school.)   I’ve read that the acceptance rate is 73% so I figured it could make a good backup school for my son someday as I really liked the vibe of the town.

Out of state tuition with room an board:  $32K

In-state: $23K

Ouch!  I honestly don’t understand the pricing structure of

colleges these days.  It feels so out of control.  U of I isn’t much more than this school but it’s much more difficult to get into and the reputation is fairly better I believe.   Of course it’s also depressing to think about how much we have to save for this, assuming we pay for my son’s entire undergrad efforts.

On another college topic, I saw this NYT article last week about top essays for college, a topic we’ve discussed before.  I haven’t read them yet, but this article publishes some essays that really caught the eye of the admissions folks.

If you don’t read the article, here is an insightful excerpt:

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What’s New – Me and BBB

Hi there.  Just a few updates on me and CPS.

Thanks to everyone who asked about my mom or shared their own experiences.  She is back home (after experiencing a cerebral abscess (aka brain infection)) that left her with limited mobility and some limit to mental functioning.  She’s coming back slowing.  I guess older brains take longer to heal, but there are some good signs.  I have a caretaker nearly all the time, and luckily happened upon a good lady who takes care of her during the day, who also is a manic cleaning lady, so my house has never been more immaculate or my bedding as frequently washed.

In tech news, you will no longer see “sent from my Blackberry” at the end of all my comments, as I have now officially switched to an iPhone.  I also officially hate typing on it so I’m trying to get back into the swing of things with commenting and figuring out how best to use WordPress on the iPhone.  I now understand why you have complained about the posts with 1000+ comments.  The scrolling is a major drag, so I will take that into account.   I had been responding to comments via email which was pretty easy.

Some Chicago news, if you didn’t notice, the CPS District 299 blog has been retired, as the host, Alex, has been living outside the city for many years now.

And finally, speaking of “living outside the city,” I figured we can discuss Barbara Byrd Bennet for a bit.

I see in a Trib editorial that the mayor gave only a 2 sentence announcement on Sunday night about her resignation.  The Trib is calling on more accountability on the part of Rahm as to how the SUPES no-bid contract got approved.


“The mayor owes everyone a beginning-to-end explanation of how this contract was cooked up and passed. Because it was his CEO. It is his school board. And it is his scandal.”

Any thoughts?

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2015 SEES GIFTED and CLASSICAL Elem Thread


Share scores, questions, and knowledge here about gifted and classical programs.

And remember, the process takes some time to work through the lists.


Please post:




Favorite childhood pet (just kidding, I hate those security questions)

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Post news about entry into AC and International Gifted Program here.

Please include:




For those who aren’t familiar with the Intl gifted programs, some info from CPS:

International Gifted Program
International Gifted Programs are offered at the following schools:
615 W. Kemper Pl.
24 W. Walton St.

The International Gifted Program is designed for students in grades 6-8. The program includes intensive study of English, French, social studies, laboratory science, mathematics, technology, arts, physical education, library science, and advanced research. The International Gifted Program is designed to allow intellectually able students to be schooled in their least restrictive environment and to mature at an accelerated pace.

The International Gifted Program is committed to cultivating independent and competent students who are well prepared for the most intensive high schools and IB Diploma Programs.

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2015 NEIGHBORHOOD and MAGNET Elementary School Thread

A shout out to Nettelshorst who got a lot of the neighborhool school stuff rolling

A shout out to Nettelshorst who got a lot of the neighborhool school stuff rolling

Post your news, questions, opinions here about Neighborhood and Magnet elementary schools.

If you post about your letter/status, please include:


Waiting list #

Tier (if applicable)

And remember, this process goes on for a lonnnng time as schools move down the wait list.  Patience is a virtue, as hard as it may be.

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CPS School Board: To elect or appoint?


A quick search this morning on our school board led me to this article which I think summarizes the situation nicely and in an unbiased way and includes some quotes from some professors at DePaul.  Share your opinion in the comments section.

by The DePaulia


The DePaulia writes:

“The board is responsible for the finances, governing, and organization of CPS. So, the members of the board of education have profound impact on the policies and direction of CPS.

William Sampson, DePaul Chairman of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences said electing board members does not guarantee that the public’s values will be represented accurately.

“There is no assurance that board members will know anything about education or finance,” Sampson said. “Since the mayor will be held accountable for school performance, he or she will want to control the education process for which he or she is held accountable.””

““Elected boards, just as appointed boards, require a broad range of skilled individuals to be successful,” Horace Hall, a DePaul Educational Policy and Research Studies professor, said. “

The PROS of an elected school board:

“Elected school boards have their advantages.

“One of the major advantages of an elected school board is that it can bring all citizens closer to issues surrounding public education and criticality voice our needs and concerns,” Hall said. “This ideally breeds civic engagement and support.” “


“The main issue seems to be the balance between keeping the community’s concerns and involvement at the forefront of educational policy while simultaneously ensuring that the board has diverse and qualified members.”

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Rahm and Chuy and Chicago and CPS


This NYTimes piece is interesting and links to a survey about Rahm’s term as mayor.  The school stuff factors in prominently.  He cannot dodge the school closing issue.  He likes doing things big, let’s face it.  And that may be his downfall.  He feels he did good.  Lots of people are still mad about it (and will always be mad.)

Take a read and share your thought.  Can Chuy actually do anything different with CPS than Rahm does?  What would the real impact be given the financial situation of Chicago and CPS?

“As Mr. Emanuel faces an unexpected runoff election for mayor, questions are percolating through the race about his brusque style, his handling of gang violence and whether he has favored wealthy downtown interests over ordinary neighborhoods. But in the end, it may be the education agenda that he proudly, defiantly and swiftly carried out that threatens his political future.”


“Chicago Teachers Union leaders urged Jesús G. Garcia, a county commissioner known as Chuy, to enter a wide field of candidates in the first balloting last week against Mr. Emanuel. And they said they would be pressing efforts on behalf of Mr. Garcia, who finished second to Mr. Emanuel, forcing him into the runoff election on April 7.”

“Despite the opposition from teachers, Mr. Emanuel boasts of his record on education, ticking off school statistics he likens to the report cards he says his parents used to post on the family refrigerator for all to see.”

Here is the link with comments from Chicagoans:


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