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The Facts of Life

OK, not school related, but the conversation did take place on the way to school last week after discussing how my son is a combination of mine and his Dad’s DNA:

Kid: But if I came out of YOU, then how do I have Dad’s DNA too?

Mom: Well, you’re a combination!

Kid: But how did the DNA get together?

Mom: Uh, heh heh, it’s kind of hard to explain, ha ha.  I’ll tell you later, OK?  Heh heh. (Nervous giggles starting.)

Kid:  Pleaaaaase.  Just tell me.

Mom:  Well, heh heh, mumble mumble *woman* mumble *man* mumble *in love* mumble *kissing* mumble mumble *showing love for each other* mumble *liquid passes* (ack, that was a terrible descriptor) mumble *contains seeds* mumble mumble *seed and egg combine and grows into a baby.*  Whew.  I know that sounds a little weird, doesn’t it.  You’ll understand it better when you’re older.

Kid:  Should we try it at home?

Mom:  Huhhhhh?  Uh.  What?

Kid: Combining a real egg and a seed.  You know, like a hard-boiled egg and some plant seeds.  And growing a baby!

Mom: (Snort) Well, it doesn’t really work with a real egg and seed.  And besides, I don’t really want another baby (because I’d have to go through this whole conversation again in 5 years.)


September 9, 2008 at 12:58 pm 3 comments

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