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2014: Academic Center Letters and Intl Gifted Programs




Link to information on the Lincoln and Ogden International Gifted Programs:

“The International Gifted Program is offered at Lincoln and Ogden Elementary schools for sixth, seventh and eighth grade students.  Formerly known as the International Baccalaureate Preparatory Program, this initiative includes intensive study of English, French, social studies, laboratory science, mathematics, technology, arts, physical education, library science, and advanced research.  The International Gifted Program is designed to allow intellectually able students to be schooled in their least restrictive environment and to mature at an accelerated pace.”

Post news, questions, and discussion about Academic centers here.

If you are willing, place include:


Child’s Score

School they got into with that score (or didn’t get into)

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IB Letters have left the building

IB program

Word is that IB high school letters have been mailed out. Post your news here.

The scoring rubric is up on the OAE site:–%20IB%20High%20Schools%202013-2014.pdf

In a nutshell, there are 950 possible points.

-50 of those are for living in the neighborhood boundaries of a school.
-450 are for 7th grade ISATS (225 math+225 reading)
-450 are for 7th grade grades (112.5 each for reading, math, science, and social studies)  Getting 2 B’s will knock you back 75 points.

The informational meeting doesn’t count as points but is considered “mandatory” to be considered for a program.

Rumor is that the cutoff for Lincoln Park’s IB program is 830 this year.  Does anyone recall cutoffs from previous years?  I’m curious to see if they’ve gone up this year.

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