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Skinner North

So this appears to be the one wildcard for the upcoming school year.  Skinner is a Classical School that is splitting into Skinner North and Skinner West.

The problem is that apparently CPS doesn’t know yet where Skinner North will be located, and between the 2 proposed sites, neither are highly desirable based on potential shady activity near the school.

Here is the most recent comment here.  Feel free to continue to comment to discuss it.   This is a tough one.  It is so hard to give up the chance to get into a Classical school when there are so few spots in CPS.  Personally, I would say that if your child is really advanced and would do well in the Classical-type of program, give it a chance.  There is a strong upside if parents mobilize and take the time to build it up.  Lack of staff isn’t necessarily a bad thing in CPS.  If the person who is doing the hiring seems to have a good vision for the school, it’s great to start fresh.  If you’re looking for a school where everything is in place already, this probably isn’t right for you.

“Anyone else at the Skinner North open house yesterday? If so, what are your thoughts about sending your child there? We are probably not going to primarily because of the safety concern of it being located at Schiller. We are also very skeptical of the Board of Ed in that they want us to confirm attendance by 4/17 but they cannot show us Schiller School or make a firm decision about Skinner North’s location unitl 4/22. So much for transparency. As a lay person I find it concerning that no staff has been hired and the extra curriculars seem to be lacking.”

April 4, 2009 at 2:48 pm 31 comments

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