Back in the land of the living…

July 13, 2010 at 2:37 pm 1 comment

No, not CPS.  Me.

For those wondering if I’d dropped off the face of the earth, I’ve been completely submerged in work for the past 2+ months.
To relate my personal situation (or actually my boss’s situation) 2 months ago her toddler son had a typical late winter cough that lasted for 3 weeks.  The coughing was so severe that he ended up with a hernia (which I guess isn’t uncommon in young kids.)   Their doctor told them to wait the weekend, then come in for the routine surgery but things when awry from there.  He ended up rupturing part of his intestine which lead to more complicated surgery.  The surgery lead to extreme infection which they couldn’t locate for over a month.  Twice he came close to death and the parents were forced into that situation we all dread of being at the edge of the abyss, wondering whether they’d plunge in.  Each time, disaster was marginally avoided.  Finally, the doctors managed to find the infection hidden deep inside and actually sucked it out of him.  Within days he went from near-death to a thriving, bouncing, high-fiving toddler.  It was a miraculous recovery.

So I, just a few months into a new job have been helping cover for her and sort of floundering my way through work stuff I’m not quite familiar with.  Plus we had 37 days of horrible worry about her son.  Overall, it’s been a long stressful couple months.

I’m passing the story on just in case any of you are ever in a similar situation (painful hernia… don’t wait to get to a doctor!)  And as a reminder of how lucky we are when we have healthy kids.

So my boss is finally back and things have calmed down… so I can finally get started writing about CPS again.   Thanks to everyone for keeping the posts going and sending me articles, etc.

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  • 1. dazed and confused  |  July 13, 2010 at 3:25 pm

    my thoughts go out to the family and thankful there is a good result. you’ve been missed and i was going to email you saying that despite all the drama being a little low key that i still think of all the great info this site gives.
    hoping your life mellows out now and you can enjoy your summer!

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