Springfield Day

April 13, 2010 at 9:30 am 1 comment

A devoted blog reader asked that I post this.  Due to his faithful readership and contribution of good comments, I am doing so. 🙂

For those who want to fight to save/increase funding for gifted programs, I think this rally happens every year.  If you want to fight for it, this is your big chance of the year to join with other like-minded parents.

As my own personal disclaimer, I get occasional requests to post info or rally parents to fight for gifted funding.  I would love nothing more than to see the gifted program in Chicago and IL grow.  But given the reality of funding, I don’t know if I, personally, find this a top priority in education funding.  There are a LOT of kids in our city who leave school barely being able to read and write and do basic math.  They enter the workforce basically screwed.  I know there’s not an easy fix for this, but I’d love to see more kids leave CPS with decent skills than to worry about the smartest of the smart having extra money for French and special in-depth projects.  In theory, with decent teachers, does gifted education really need extra money?  It seems that energy and effort are more in short supply in this area.   So that is my disclaimer – had to get it off my chest.

But, feel free to rally yourself and others to attend this event and report back!


Dear parents and teachers, if we do not advocate for our children and our students, who will?

On April 21st, we have an opportunity to help our children and teachers and also to help thousands of teachers and hundred-thousands of the brightest minds of our state and our country. We have an opportunity to speak up, to come together, and to have our legislators take notice. Thanks to everyone’s efforts in Springfield Day 2008, $7 million was funded for Gifted Education in the State’s Board of Education budget. These funds helped to support professional development for teachers so that they can recognize gifted students and differentiate curriculum to meet their needs. There was no funding in 2009. Advocating for funding continues to be necessary.

There are more Reasons to Participate:
• Meet with your local legislators IN Springfield – It is vitally important that the collective body of legislators see that many constituents from across the state are concerned about gifted education and its need for funding. Going to meet them in Springfield leaves a lasting memory. The legislators spend so much time traveling back and forth to Springfield and some have other jobs as well. They appreciate their constituents visiting them in Springfield. All of us will undoubtedly get a greater appreciation for what legislators do by visiting them in the Capital.

• See how laws are made, see our Capitol in action, and visit Springfield attractions This is a great educational day for the children and students. They will be in the middle of it all, seeing how our government works, and visiting museums or historical sites. Both House and Senate are scheduled to be in session on April 21st. We will be able to see them from the House and Senate balconies.

• Show children THEY can shape the future of their education and the future of Gifted Education in Illinois. This day will be a day our children and our students will never forget.

• This opportunity to gather in Springfield happens only once a year.

• It will be a day that children will never forget!


Our plan is to have Large Group common set of activities for all participants from
11:15 am – 12:15 pm. Families and groups can set up their individual time before or after the Large Group common time.


Morning WATCH LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS, MEET WITH YOUR LEGISLATORS, EAT LUNCH, OR TRAVEL TO SPRINGFIELD – We recommend arriving in downtown Springfield by 10:45am to allow time for parking and walking to the check-in area. See links to Springfield maps on page 15.

11:15 am CHECK-IN TIME
Check in is at the lawn area between the Capitol and the Howlett Building. Howlett is just south of the Capitol.
*Map of the Howlett, Capitol, Stratton building (some legislators’ offices are there), and IL State Museum, are at http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/departments/physical_services/pscomplex.html.

LARGE GROUP PHOTO on the Lawn between the Capitol and Howlett,
INTRODUCTION of Families and Groups by School Districts
MEET & GREET each other.

LUNCH – On your own – Have picnic lunch on the lawn or eat at Capitol cafeterias or nearby restaurants
MEET WITH YOUR LEGISLATORS – This is the reason we came to Springfield. Make sure you allow ample time to meet with them, for walking, and waiting.
WATCH LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS – Watch proceedings from the House and Senate balconies.
VISIT SPRINGFIELD ATTRACTIONS (after meeting with legislators) –
We highly recommend visiting the Lincoln Presidential Museum in the afternoon. Museum information and other attraction information can be found on page 15.

Please contact Jill Ko at Springfield.day@sbcglobal.net or (630) 978-2327 to be added to the email distribution list, to register, ask questions, or send suggestions. Please visit IAGC website, http://www.iagcgifted.org for information.

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  • 1. two cents  |  April 24, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    About 15,000 people attended. We were with the group supporting level funding for gifted students…NOT the groups begging to have their taxes raised. We tried to meet with all of our congressmen, to no avail, due to the mayhem. Do you know, the money spent to get the octomom’s kids out of the hospital exceeded the funds provided for ALL of the gifted students in the state of Illinois. It’s time to get mad and get to know your congressperson. Why do they continue to pump MILLIONS of dollars into programs with underachieving kids. Why not invest in the future….in the future supporters of their campaign? The politics are sickening.

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