Short break from obsessing – school lunch comedy

March 3, 2010 at 10:21 am 1 comment

A reader sent me the following link to a blog that features photos of school lunches around the world.
I have only had glimpses of the CPS lunches, but I think I can state quite definitively that they’re the worst of all of these.

The blog also reminded me of one of my favorite lists from McSweeney’s:



1. Complaints My Middle-School Students in Korea Had About Our School’s Food.

“The rice is cold.”

“The kimchi is dry.”

2. Complaints American Middle-School Students Would Have If They Were Served Korean Food.

“There’s an entire fish in my soup.”

“The fish in my soup still has eyes.”

“The fish in my soup with eyes is full of fish eggs.”

“What is this?”

“They made me eat off a metal tray with chopsticks.”

“I was served a vertebra.”

“This salad is clearly made from the bush in the front of the school.”

“I told you last week I don’t like fish eggs!”

“The menu says we’re having chicken anus for lunch.”

“The live baby octopus you served me stuck to my throat and died.”

“There wasn’t any pizza.”

“This is dog meat.”

“It’s too spicy.”

“The rice is cold.”

“The kimchi is dry.”

More lists here if you like that sort of stuff….

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