Got a Test Date. Ugh.

January 6, 2009 at 12:10 am Leave a comment

So it looks like the guy at the post office got my application postmarked for the Gifted/Classical test.  (Thank you, whoever you are, for not chastising me for cutting it so close that day. — Wouldn’t that have been funny if he was some fellow CPS-knowedgeable parent and he’d looked at the address on the letter and said “Lady, don’t you think it would have been smarter NOT to wait until the last 2 hours to mail this!?!”)

We got a test date for the Gifted/Classical testing for 1st grade.  Or should I say test dates.   I didn’t realize that the tests are given at separate times and dates.   Going into Kindergarten, each child is tested individually so they can take both tests at once.   For 1st grade and up, the kids are tested in groups so they split up the test times.

So… we got a classical test time for an afternoon and the gifted test for the next morning at 8am.  At IIT.  Which means we need to leave the house at (what for me is) an ungodly hour.   Like before 7am.  Have I mentioned that I can rarely get my child to school 8 minutes from my home (not that I’m counting) by 9am each day?  Having been a happy WAHS (work at home slob) for the past couple years, I’m just not good at getting up before the sun.  Nor is my son who seems genetically programmed to open his eyes at exactly 7am each morning.  So this 8am thing is our fly in the ointment.   I need to decide if it’s worth trekking down to IIT at that early hour mainly to satisfy my curiousity about the test process and the year-to-year score variations (sample size: one.)  Got to mull this one over…….

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