Just to freak you out about High School

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A friend of mine sent me the link from CPS that shows that scores that are required to get into the CPS selective enrollment high schools.

If you aren’t familiar with this process yet, the test scores and grades from 7th grade are used to determine admission.   Each child ends up with a score that has a max of 1000 based on the following inputs:

Reading and Math ISAT score percentiles 300 points

High school entrance exam 300 points

Grades 300 points

Attendance 100 points

It is important to note that grades are grades.  A “B” at a gifted or tough private school is the same as a “B” in a regular class.  So in some cases, a child who is struggling in a gifted class might have a better chance with grades by transferring to a regular classroom and having the opportunity to get better grades.  Many kids do test prep for both the ISATs and the high school entry exam beforehand.  Man, that is a lot of pressure on a young-ish kid.  Or more realistically, based on what my baby-sitter’s mom told me, her kid just didn’t seem to get the importance of the whole thing.  How can you really get it when you are dealing with puberty and all the resulting weirdness that makes 7th grade so personally menacing?

But the scary part of this is that the average entry scores among the top schools are already increasing from an already high level.  And as we know, more and more people with kids are staying in the city, meaning there is surely a major supply/demand issue in our future.   The average score out of 1000 that was accepted into North Side College Prep (highest test scores in the state) was 979 last year.  Zoinks.  That leaves virtually no room for error or sick days or slacking or any B’s.  Kids who got in averaged only 1.5 days off school during 7th grade.  So apparently North Side College Prep is a school full of healthy kids (or those who can suck it up and crawl to school while ill.)  Lane Tech leaves a little more room for slacking with an average score of 898 and 2.9 days off.

OK, so its it clearly too early to start worrying about this, but I am seeing now why the Alcott parents made the effort to get their own high school going.  I wonder what CPS has up its sleeve as the “choice” model continues to expand, but let’s just say it better be good because homeschooling a teen and moving to the suburbs would both do me in.

The CPS link is below:


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