Cell Phone Antenna – the Tribe Has Spoken

November 10, 2008 at 11:24 am Leave a comment

The LSC on which I serve (as a community member for the neighborhood school) voted unanimously not to move forward with the cell phone antenna.  While the discussion took up a lengthy bit of time during the meeting, the best thing to come out of a controversial decision is that everyone in the group finally spoke up and expressed an opinion.  Would have been much more interesting had people been split in their opinions, but nonetheless it was good to see people engaged.  So much of what the LSC deals with is a bit mundane so this added a small level of excitement.

The school principal made a good point about people who seek out other schools (magnet, gifted (that would be me, heh hehe) but don’t bother to ask about the cell phone situation at those schools.  And its true… people are largely unaware of the issue.   It does make me wonder which other north side school have the antennas (and whether the school’s parents even know about it.)

Well, in 20 years if we find out that the antennas are totally harmless I’ll feel like a chump for passing up all that money.  But for now, nobody will have to worry about being right under the antenna for days, years, or possibly even a couple decades on end.

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